Ointment Co.

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Ointment Co. is a woman-owned business in the Pacific Northwest focused on minimalist products that support people to simplify, focus and nurture within their day-to-day. Our small studio produces limited edition runs of our U.S. Made designs seasonally, with a focus on production partners who are also women- or immigrant-owned shops. We believe in the specialness of products made by hand as something that soothes both the makers and the customer—like a cooling ointment on a weathered hand. It feels good. 

Our flagship product:
Weekly Planning Notebook

The Ointment Co. annual planning notebook is a true hybrid between a notebook and a calendar. The unique design enables you to structure your time and thoughts with supported flexibility.

The Ointment Co. 2020 Weekly Planner Notebook was born from our passion for minimalist design and clarified purpose. By combining a journal into a weekly planner you understand more; when ideas came up, how goal plans progress, ways they connect.

While your day-to-day might be a collaborative space, you're accountable to achieving things weekly, monthly and annually. A weekly view plus mini-month gives just enough structure for clarity in your week and leaves space for your ideas. Three rose gold tabs mark important pages and never resemble a frayed ribbon.

Pages shouldn't flip themselves. Our exclusive, US Made, industrial Swiss-style binding lets pages lay completely flat. It also reminds you that what's holding it all together is merely string, well planned. 



Our 2020 edition is available for $54 online at ointmentco.com and in brick and mortar at 11:11 Supply in Portland, Ore. Last year's edition sold out before the end of January. 

Why a paper planner? 

Alerts on our phones, desktop, even our cars. They don't stop.

A digital calendar used to be the place to look for guidance. At the beginning of the day you could zoom into which conversations were happening, what people needed, how to provide value. But as highly-collaborative teams grow, our digital calendars (let alone our inboxes) literally change before our eyes. Meetings move like dominos, snaking mazes of dependencies and deadlines, shifting endlessly. 

Since clarity and focus are no longer available in digital tools, at least not without a time-intensive overhaul, we suggest getting back to a pen and paper for a calm place to plan.

What Influencers Are Saying...

"The best planner for minimalists with a strong design sensibility."
– The Strategist, New York magazine
"Get the best of both worlds... bullet journal and traditional planner."
– Better Homes and Gardens


About the founder

Jensie Lauritsen Miksich is aesthetics obsessed. Her journalistic curiosity for the story behind a story combines with a mindset for business strategy to produce relevant and impactful products and places. Her creative expression takes many forms from brand and editorial consulting to product and space design. Focused on the feelings of those interacting with her work, Jensie edits relentlessly until the essence of an idea nearly knocks a person over.

For creative assets including our logo or product and lifestyle photography, please email hello@ointmentco.com for a same-day response.