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My Calendar: from overloaded to energized

My Calendar: from overloaded to energized
Note: This is one of Jensie's first posts about planner love. It's an important part of the Ointment Co. 2019 Planner story, so we brought it back from the depths of the internet. 
throwback washi tape project from jensiejean.com


So we all know I have a penchant for Russell + Hazel binders, organizers and their mini datebook. The other day I was gazing at my google calendar, the bright bars that pepper my every day, and wishing I had a calendar that was of a higher-level view, so I could see the ebb and flow of projects, understand when I was likely to be swamped, and when I could say yes to small single-day projects to keep my creative energy up.

So I combined two of my faves, the Russell + Hazel mini date book with washi tapes! Hooray!

I mark multi-day projects with various colored tapes and write over them to label. Now I smile when I look at my month-in-view and can’t help but get excited rather than overwhelmed by what is coming up next!