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The case for slow

The case for slow

As I waited for water to boil on my stove to bloom my coffee grinds and refill the Chemex funnel two or three times I was face-to-face with my aversion to alerts. I’m making coffee the old-fashioned way—the antithesis of a digital coffee pot—despite all the steps that could be saved in the name of efficiency. Not because I’m a typical Portlander being precious about coffee—but because I love the physicality of the ritual and often have my most clear and creative thoughts while going through those motions. What else would I benefit from doing the old fashioned way?

The OCO Planner was rooted in a similar moment years ago when my multicolored (and truly chaotic) digital calendar cheerily greeted me at my desk. Sure, that calendar would help me navigate my day but it was jam packed with invites, overlapping obligations and deadline reminders. Digital calendars are a great tool to receive requests from others but terrible to sort priorities for myself. What was the old school way? Paper.

A paper planner used to ground (but not rule) my weeks. I write down wild ideas, plot trips with friends and rarely pencil something in on a day that is already jammed. Writing out my priorities for the week by hand requires my brain to make the decisions instead of my inbox. That consideration to guide my week on the page is akin to waiting on my anti-digital coffee every morning. It’s a habit that sustains me, efficiency be damned. 

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