Ointment Co.

2020 Planner: Updated Design Walk Through

2020 Planner from Ointment Co.

We've been diligently responding to customer feedback to improve the design of the 2020 edition and are excited to share what's new.

Customers told us they wished it were a little bit smaller—so it plays better with other notebooks and easily goes wherever you do. Plus, the new cover construction created a tuck-flap for loose notes.

The linen-feel cover is still soft to the touch but in charcoal gray. Plus, a new rose gold stamp will note the year on the right edge of the cover—and our page markers turned rose gold to match. (The foil stamp isn't shown in product photos yet because we're still awaiting the final sample, but follow on Insta to get a glimpse).
2020 Planner Calendar Notebook from Ointment Co.

Weekly view, mini-month and two priorities a day. Why so minimal? Because if you have more than two priorities—you might have no priorities. Your decision about what's actually most important each day will revolutionize what you can accomplish in a week.

AM-to-PM hours have been replaced with a dot grid to support any style of day; jot hourly appointments, block creation time or make lists. The space is intended to be used vertically below each date, but can now accommodate broader thoughts and sketches if that's where your week takes you.

2020 Weekly Planner from Ointment Co.

And of course, it's still all about...

  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Weekly-view with vertical days and mini-month on each spread
  • Industrial exposed Swiss-style lay-flat binding
  • Great feeling cover (but now it's wipeable!)
  • Portland made
We're so excited about how the new edition—can't wait to hear what you think!